Working for Encocam

Inspiring People, Enterprise and Innovation to Flourish

Working for Encocam: Diversity and inclusivity are very important; we aim to create an environment which is supportive and encouraging for all employees. Strength lies in differences, not in similarities, and our ability to value and celebrate these differences is key to working for our company. We work within a framework of company values for employees to work within.

As an employer of an enterprising and talented workforce, we think it is important to recognise and celebrate success; we have an ‘Employee of the Month’ award to reward outstanding work, and Long Service Awards to acknowledge and thank our loyal employees. These awards are celebrated across the business. Professional career development is monitored regularly, and work-related training is available and encouraged.

We value individual opinions and have opportunities for employees to have their say; holding regular forums that give employees an opportunity to discuss company issues. Innovative and creative contributions are highly valued and rewarded; we work closely with our teams and collaborate with colleagues daily, sharing ideas and possible solutions to business problems. Each employee is encouraged to make their own contribution, helping to develop what we do and how we do it, whilst respecting the view of colleagues. Individual skills and qualities are welcomed, and continuous personal development encouraged. This culture is supportive of our customers, it helps us to embrace industry changes and drives innovation in a constantly developing environment.

Encocam communicates company developments via our internal magazine, monthly briefings and noticeboards so that all employees are aware of company plans and goals.

Social events held throughout the year give the opportunity to relax and get to know colleagues. We also participate in charity events and there are opportunities to take part in fun runs, bike rides, and obstacle courses with colleagues to support a variety of causes.

Our offices

Stonehill officeWe have 4 offices, Blackstone, Central Services, Stonehill and Herald Motor Co. All located in the Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, within walking distance of each other.

Our factories

Stonehill factoryWe have factories based in the same locations as the offices: Blackstone, Central Services, Stonehill and Herald Motor Co. We manufacture aluminium honeycomb, energy absorbers for the automotive industry, composite and architectural panels.

Herald workshopOur motorcycles are sourced from the Far East and improved at our Huntingdon headquarters by our skilled motorcycle technicians.  These motorcycles then go out to our dealer networks across the UK and Europe. The team are also working on a British built motorcycle, with the aim of designing and manufacturing a Herald motorcycle here in the UK.

Annual social events

30th Celebrations bouncy castlWe hold various social events through the year, including a summer BBQ, departmental Christmas meals and award celebrations.

Charity events

Insane Terrain 2016We like to support a range of charities and employees have the chance to be involved in charity events throughout the year. Some examples are the Insane Terrain assault course; Race for Life; The Steeple Chase Sportive bike ride and Macmillan Coffee morning.